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Why You Should Start Running Today

The people who are working in a desk job or in an university such as grad students, research assistants or professors spend their whole day in front of the computers. Me as part of this group, we, are sitting all day except small lunch or tea/coffee breaks. All day long, we are focusing on something in depth and consume our all mental energy. At the end of the day, we become mentally exhausted. In this article, i will not discuss the cliches about sport, since we all know how beneficial it is for our health. But i will try to widen a different point of view in your mind.

If you are working in a job that you are using your brain and thinking ability to solve complex problems, you barely spend physical energy since you do not move your body too much all day. But you drain your all mental power until the end of the day or earlier of the end. Therefore you have an imbalance between your mental and physical energy levels. How does it affect us?

When we come back to home, we don’t like to do anything require mental energy and we are inclined to do activities which requires no logical thinking. In addition, we could not sleep well since our body is not tired enough to sleep, on the other hand our brain had already dropped off. This disequilibrium demotivates us and we feel sad without any solid reason. The solution of fixing this mood lies on the balancing both energy levels.

You have to decrease your physical energy. The easiest and fastest way of physical energy consumption is running. All you need to start running today is a pair of sport shoes, short, tshirt and a bit running techniques for your safe run. You can improve your running experience and knowledge as long as you run regularly. Beside functionality of balancing mental and physical energy, running as a regular sport activity has various advantages in your life.

When you are running, you are alone with you. It means no phone call, no emails and no notifications. All you hear is just the sound of your feet pounding the pavement. Second, while running, your minds works in an creative way, since you cannot concentrate ideas in your mind in detail, you can only approach your thoughts in abstract. So you can see the big picture without losing yourself in details. Last advantage is the best of mine. After a long run your mind goes away in a while. For a couple minutes you feel like your are over the rainbows. In literature, it is called “the runner’s high”. It is one of most relaxing thing in the world and it is free of charge.

To sum up, you should equalize your mental and physical energy levels at the end of day. If you start running and stick to the schedule, i ensure you will increase the quality of your life. So begin with initial steps. Subscribe a running youtube channel, join a runners community or form a running team with your co-workers. Recently, we started our lovely team ODTÜ KEÇİLER (METU Goats) 🙂 and planning to participate Runatolia Race in March 2019. May be we see you in there.


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