ChatGPT Prompts for Academic Writing

This list of writing prompts covers a range of topics and tasks, including brainstorming research ideas, improving language and style, conducting literature reviews, and developing research plans. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or academic professional, these prompts can help you hone your writing abilities and tackle your writing projects with confidence.

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The list is regularly updated, so you can keep track of new prompts by following this repository.


Find a research topic for a PhD in the area of [TOPIC]
Write a detailed proposal on the following research topic. Make Sure it is free from plagiarism. [PARAGRAPH]
Identify gaps in the literature on [TOPIC SENTENCE]
Generate 10 academic research questions about [PARAGRAPHS]
Generate a list of research hypotheses related to [TOPIC SENTENCE]
Identify potential areas for future research in the context of this [TOPIC SENTENCE]
Suggest novel applications of [TOPIC SENTENCE] within [RESEARCH DOMAIN]


Title/Topic Sentence

Suggest 5 titles for the following abstract: [ABSTRACT PARAGRAPH]
Write a topic sentences for this paragraph: [PARAGRAPH] 


Provide 5 keywords for this: [PARAGRAPHS]


Generate an abstract for a scientific paper based on this information for: [PARAGRAPHS]


Generate an outline for [TOPIC SENTENCE]
I want to write a journal article about [TOPIC SENTENCE]. give me an outline for the article that I can use as a starting point.


Come up with an introduction for the following research topic: [TOPIC SENTENCE]

Literature Review

Conduct a literature review on [TOPIC SENTENCE] and provide review paper references
Provide me with references and links to papers in [PARAPGRAPH]

NOTE: Be careful and double check article existence, ChatGPT may generate fake references

Summarize the scholarly literature including in text citations on [PARAGRAPHS]
Write this in standart Harvard referencing [PARAGRAPH]
Compare and contrast [THEORY1] and [THEORY2] in the context of [RESEARCH DOMAIN]:


Create objectives and methodology for [TOPIC SENTENCE]
Write a detailed methodology for the topic: [TOPIC SENTENCE]
Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this methodology: [PARAGRAPHS]
Write objectives for this study: [TOPIC SENTENCE]
What are the limitations of using [TOPIC SENTENCE] in [RESEARCH DOMAIN]?
Create a recipie for the methods used in this [PARAGRAPHS]
Suggest interdisciplinary approaches to [TOPIC SENTENCE]
Explain how qualitative/quantitative research methods can be used to address [RESEARCH QUESTIONS]
Recommend best practices for data collection and analysis in [TOPIC SENTENCE]


Design an experiment that [ACTION]


Write a result section for the following paragraphs. Please write this in third person. [PARAGRAPHS]


Discuss this results: [RESULT PARAGRAPHS]


Generate a conclusion for this: [PARAGRAPHS]
Give recommendations and conclusion for: [PARAGRAPHS]

Future Works

Can you suggest 3 directions for future research on this topic: [PARAGRAPH]]?


Rewrite his paragraph in an academic langauge: [PARAGRAPH]
Paraphrase the text using more academic and scientific language. Use a neutral tone and avoid repetitions of words and phrases. [PARAGRAPH]
Correct the grammar: [PARAGRAPH]
What do you think of how this parapraph is written?:  [PARAGRAPH]
What 3 points would you suggest to improve this paragraph?: [PARAGRAPH]
Improve the style of my writing? [PARAGRAPHS]
Improve the clarity and coherence of my writing [PARAGRAPHS]
Improve the organization and structure of my paper [PARAGRAPHS]
Provide feedback on this text and suggest areas for improvement [PARAGRAPHS]
Can you improve this paragraph using passive voice: [PARAGRAPH]
Can you improve this paragraph to make it more cohesive: [PARAGRAPH]
Analyze the text below for style, voice, and tone. Using NLP, create a prompt to write a new article in the same style, voice, and tone: [PARAGRAPHS]
Please write a few paragraphs using the following list of points [LIST] 
Give three variations of this sentence: [SENTENCE] 
Write a transition sentence to connect the following two paragraphs: [PARAGRAPH1] [PARAPGRAPH2]
Provide effective transitions between paragraphs [PARAGRAPH1] [PARAGRAPH2]
Rewrite this paragraph as a introduction: [PARAGRAPH]
Rewrite this paragraph as a conclusion: [PARAGRAPH]
Write a counterargument to the following claim: [PARAGRAPH]
Rewrite this in an academic voice: [PARAGRAPH]
Expand these notes: [PARAGRAPH]
Provide me a list of words and phrases which were repeatedly / more than 3 times used: [PARAGRAPHS]
Provide me a list of synonyms for [PARAGRAPH] and evaluate them in the context of [PARAGRAPH]
Act as a language expert, proofread my paper on [TOPIC SENTENCE] while putting a focus on grammar and punctuation.
In the context of [RESEARCH DOMAIN] translate [PARAPGRAPH] into the [LANGUAGE] language.


Summarize the following content: [PARAPGRAPHS]
Summarize the text in simpler and easier-to-understand terms. [PARAGRAPHS]
Come up with a summary that is exactly [NUMBER OF WORDS] words: [PARAPGRAPHS]
Reduce the following to [NUMBER OF WORDS] words: [PARAPGRAPHS]
Give me a bullet point summary for [PARAPGRAPHS]
Extract the important key points of this: [PARAPGRAPHS]
Summarize the text by extracting the most important information in the form of bullet points [PARAGRAPHS]
Explain this again but simpler: [PARAGRAPHS]
Explain this research to a 12 year old: [PARAGRAPHS]
Identify the key findings and implications of this: [PARAGRAPHS]


Develop a research plan for: [TOPIC SENTENCE]
Write a schedule for completion in [TOPIC SENTENCE] in [NUMBER OF DAYS/MONTHS/YEARS]
The deadline for the submission of first draft is [DATE]. give me a week-by-week breakdown so I can plan my writing better.
Write a sensational press release for this research: [PARAGRAPHS]
Make this more persuasive: [PARAGRAPH]
Write 3 tweets about this research? [PARAGRAPHS]