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The Beginning

Greetings to everyone! I am sharing my sincere excitement with you, may be these lines are the baby step of a big journey. I have been publishing articles for 6 years on my Turkish blog. Thankfully, my articles reached more than 30,000 people. I believe writing is kind of thinking. If I want to sum up my ideas or make research on something, i enforce myself to write an article about it. In the past, it really helped me to come over with bad habits and gain the new ones. During the Kesfet Kendini Blog journey, i realized that i love writing and sharing ideas with you. Now, i want to share my experiences with people all around the world. That’s why i created this blog.

I’m a PhD student and technology entrepreneur. In this blog, i am planning to draw up articles about academy, technology and personal development topics. I am not a native English speaker so you may find mistakes in my articles. That’s okay, if you find, i will be glad to hear mistakes from you. But to be honest, i will not be too careful with my grammar because i want to be relax and share ideas with you, my purpose is not to create highly academic environment in here. I am already spending enough effort for it in my PhD 🙂 Therefore, this blog will be free space that i share something and you can comment on it without strict borders. That’s all for i can say now. If you would like to join me during this journey, you are always welcome. You can follow my blog by adding your email address below.

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