About Me

I could not sleep that night when my father bought me my first computer when I was nine. He told me to do not disrupt anything with that pc. But during my first 24 hours with it, I decided to remove all windows system files to open free space for my lovely computer games. After deletion, windows did not start again… I realized at that time the point was not about using it, it was about exploring it. Since then, computers have become my strongest tools to make my life easier and to improve my profession to the next level.

I was always passionate about computers and programming. During my Civil Engineering undergraduate program at Middle East Technical University, I have selected my elective courses among the computer related engineering courses to improve my programming skills. After graduation from undergraduate program, I started to master’s degree program working focusing on computer applications in engineering fields. I gained a lot from this association – in particular, an idea of how rewarding and meaningful a career in research could be. I specialized in digital image processing and applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) systems in engineering infrastructure.

I enjoyed being part of interdisciplinary and innovative projects, especially when it leads to practical applications. When I decided to start my master’s program, my objective was to combine civil engineering and software development fields with a view to create and develop new things.  During my PhD, I want to focus on information management and technology to create robust construction IT systems. I strongly believe that the near future of construction sites will be highly cyber and digital. Therefore, my research area will be digitalizing the required information to make decision making easier. E-construction and cyber-physical systems in construction are the main fields that I am really curious about.

Rather than my academic and tech background, i am pursuing to find purpose of the life and try to live it meaningfully. As far as i searched for, i converged for it and now i am working to do-well on it.